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Organic Luxury Facials

Luxury Facials to transform your skin}


Our facials will awaken a lackluster complexion and bring a  luminous clarity to your skin. 


Each facial is customized, by our expert aesthetician, to your skin condition on the day of the treatment. No two treatments will be alike. All facials consist of deep cleansing of pores, exfoliation suited to your skin type, heavenly massage to contour and lift, nourishing serums and masks to rejuvenate and rebalance your skin.


We use organic skin products grown in biodynamic farms. What’s good for the environment is good for our skin. The final product is made with adding  water from thermal hot springs in Hungary , adding minerals and trace elements that are extraordinarily healing and rejuvenating. Our  products have an exceptionally high concentration of active compounds, vitamins and nutrients which your skin will soak up for a long lasting luminous glow. 


Add ons such as LED light for collagen synthesis and acne causing bacteria  are layered with the facials to add maximum benefit for specific skin issues.


We guarantee you will walk out with skin worthy of second glances.


Treatment time 

30-60 min

Recovery time



0-5 days

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